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10 Things to do in Natchez

July 25 2022 | Latest News

Are you planning a trip to Natchez? Good! Natchez sits atop the bluff overlooking the mighty Mississippi River, where the “river is wide and the history runs deep”. With about 14,000 residents (according to 2020 census), Natchez is extremely tourist friendly city.

The city is famous for the unique architectural style of historic homes and antebellum mansions.

Natchez is a destination for outdoor thrill-seekers, including amateur and professional architects.


Here’s a list of 10 Things to Do when planning your trip!


  1. Hop on Hop off Bus

Natchez City Sightseeing’s city tour is one of the best and most popular ways to see historic Natchez. There are over 40 spectacular Hop-On Hop-Off sights and attractions. Stops include historic mansions, museums, and many more places of interest. See breathtaking views of Natchez and a spectacular view of the mighty Mississippi River! Hop-On our double-decker, open-top tour bus at any stop and enjoy the ride through the city. Hop-Off and spend as much time as you like at any of our 10 stops. Buses pass each stop every 45-60 minutes. A live guide will provide an informative narrative that will tell all about the sites you will see on the tour. Purchase your tickets and park free at the Natchez Visitor Center, Natchez Grand Hotel and Natchez Convention Center. You can also purchase tickets at Monmouth Historic Inn.

  1. Monmouth Historic Inn & Gardens is found in an elegantly revived historic antebellum home on a restored luxury resort, John A. Quitman Boulevard.

The historic inn occupies a land space of twenty-six acres featuring beautiful well-manicured gardens and grounds.

The Monmouth was erected by John Hankinson in 1818 and was later restored to its original glory in 1853 by John A. Quitman.

Monmouth Historic Inn & Gardens consists of thirty elegant rooms and suites, a comfortable lounge, and a nice restaurant.

The residence and gardens are open to everyone all days of the week throughout the year and a gift shop packed with unique items.

Address: 1358 John A Quitman Blvd, Natchez, MS 39120, United States

  1. Every tourist should visit Natchez Visitor Center, especially if you are visiting the city of Natchez for the first time.

Natchez Visitor Center is a center that offers visitors all the information they need with guidelines on how to explore the city.

The center tells visitors about the museums, event and event centers, local sites, historic homes, attractions, and so on.

Natchez Visitor Center offers maps, charts, brochures, and other essential materials to guide you through.

It features a gift shop well-stocked gift shop featuring t-shirts, souvenirs, educational gadgets, gifts, and many others.

Natchez Visitor Center is open from Monday to Saturday from 8:30am-5pm and Sunday from 9am-4pm.

Address: 640 South Canal Street Natchez, MS 39120 United States


  1. Restaurant 1818 inside Monmouth Historic Inn

At Restaurant 1818 you will dine in what was originally the Men's and Ladies’ Parlors of the Main House. These two parlors are adorned with authentic period crystal gasoliers. These impressive reproduction chandeliers and wall sconces were custom made for Monmouth by the artisans at Waterford Crystal in Ireland.

Guests have complete dining freedom when they reserve a table at Restaurant 1818. Here guests can select menu items on an a la carte basis from the gourmet appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, and desserts offered that evening. Featuring Natchez-native, Executive Chef Jay Yates, you are sure to enjoy an exquisite meal using local and fresh ingredients. A full wine list and wine by the glass program is available to ensure your dining experience is the very best Natchez has to offer! 

Private dining by candlelight is also offered for larger groups at the main dining room table. This room exemplifies the elegant dining experience which has been customary since the days of John and Eliza Quitman. To inquiry about availability, menu options, and special requests, such as cake and/or champagne, please contact us directly by calling 601.442.5852.

       The suggested attire for Restaurant 1818 is business casual.


  1. Natchez Brewing Company

Whenever you feel like just relaxing with your family and friends, add a visit to Natchez Brewing Company to your list of things.

Natchez Brewing Company is a family-owned and operated brewery in the Historic Downtown District of Natchez.

The brewery is committed to producing a wide variety of craft and artisanal brews with the highest quality ingredients.

Natchez Brewing Company offers drinks like buff city, holy holy IPA, Sero lager, scrawboss wheat beer, altered state, scicky sticker, revival coffee porter, rascalism, a delta shadow black IPA, Capital Ipa, and many others.

They also offer different kinds of pizzas like Pepperoni Deep Dish, Pepperoni Deep Dish, Brunch Pizza, and more, including Quatro Formaggi, Motor City Calzone, and pretzel.

 Natchez Brewing Company is a host to several exciting events and functions all year round.

Address: 207 High St, Natchez, MS 39120, United States


  1. Natchez City Cemetery

You might be surprised to see a cemetery as one of the must-visit attractions in Natchez, and it is a place filled with history.

Natchez Cemetery is open to everyone; you can go on a self-guided tour using a map and brochure, but if you want to learn more about the people buried, you can also hire a tour guide.

They will tell you stories about the family of Thomas P. Leathers, a famous riverboat Captain, or the tales of a woman known as Louise the Unfortunate and a slave called York.

Natchez Cemetery was founded in 1822, the period when remains of the bodies were taken from the memorial park to the present cemetery.

It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places; every gravestone has some memoranda about the person buried.

Address: 2 Cemetery Rd, Natchez, MS 39120, United States


  1. Natchez National Historic Park

Travel back in time when you visit the Natchez National Historical Park, a public park established in honor of the history of Natchez.

Natchez National Historical Park consists of three units: the William Johnson House, Fort Rosalie, and the Melrose Estate.

Fort Rosalie was built in the 18th century by the French on the site of the former fort operated by Spain, Britain, and eventually, the United States; its name was later changed to Fort Panmure.

The William Johnson House is the former residence of William Johnson, an African-American barber in the 19th century. While the Melrose Estate was owned by John T. McMurran, a state senator, planter, and lawyer.

 The Melrose Estate and the William Johnson House houses a wide range of unique antiques and limitless pieces sourced from different periods.

Address: Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi, United States


  1. Pig Out Inn

A wonderful restaurant in downtown Natchez, Pig Out Inn Barbeque is a general meeting place for several individuals in the city.

Pig Out Inn Barbeque provides a clean and friendly environment with cozy seats and calm blue music for better relaxation.

The restaurant offers well prepared and juicy meats without using grills; they refresh ingredients and prepare every meal from scratch.

Pig Out Inn Barbeque serves Two Meat Plate with Potato Salad, sloppy Joe, Brisket Fries and Mac and Cheese, Chopped Brisket Sandwich Platter, Turkey Sandwiches, Pork Nachos Supreme, Pulled Pork sandwiches with Baked Beans, and many more.

The restaurant is always open from Monday to Saturday from 11am-9pm, and Sunday from 11am-7pm.

Address: 116 S Canal St, Natchez, MS 39120, United States


  1. Grand Village of Natchez Indians

The Grand Village of the Natchez is popularly referred to as the Fatherland site of 128.1 acres nestled in the southern part of Natchez.

This region comprised an ancient village and earthwork mounds that were created way back in 1200AD by the followers of prehistoric Plaquemine culture.

The Grand Village of the Natchez was named after the indigenous people of Natchez who occupied the area between the 17th and 18th centuries.

The people are also responsible for the 18th-century historic moulds recognized as National Historic Landmarks.

The Grand Village of the Natchez is one of the most popular attractions in Natchez, featuring a museum consisting of a large collection of artifacts.

There are a good number of nature trails open to the public for various activities and a large picnic pavilion where visitors can relax and enjoy the environment

Address: 400 Jeff Davis Blvd, Natchez, MS 39120, United States


  1. Fat Mama’s Tamales

Are you hungry? Add a visit to Fat Mama’s Tamales to your list of fun things to do in Natchez, MS for a fantastic dining experience.

Fat Mama’s Tamales is the number one Mexican restaurant in the city, offering an extensive list of Mexican foods.

The restaurant is popularly known for its signature homemade tamales and delightful margaritas; all the meals are made with a special recipe.

Fat Mama’s Tamales is housed in a quaint house with an eclectic interior that is brightly colored, offering guests a homey ambiance.

The Mexican restaurant is open for lunch and dinner throughout the week, serving the public freshly made meals.

Fat Mama’s Tamales offers delicious dishes, including Gringo Pie Tamales with Chili Cheese, Roast Beef Poboy and Chips, taco salads, Muffeletta, and Homemade Chips, Ham and Cheese Poboy, chips & salsa, Hot Tamale Plate, and more.

They also offer an impressive collection of craft beers, fresh Margaritas, wines, sodas, and craft beers. Fat Mama’s Tamales is open from Monday to Thursday from 11am-9pm, Friday and Saturday from 11am-10pm, and Sunday from 12pm-7pm.

Address: 303 S Canal St, Natchez, MS 39120, United States