We Have a New Daiquiri Machine!

Posted on: June 9 2017 | Posted in: Latest News

One Eleven Lounge, our lobby bar, now has a daiquiri machine. Some unenlightened folk choose to refer to it as a "blender" or "shaved ice maker". These people are cultural clods. It's a daiquiri machine, because it makes beautiful daiquiris. Daiquiris . . . are . . . I'm sure we can agree: really, really great . . . are also . . . let's not venture into hyperbole . . . arguably more important than modern medicine to the health of mankind? Certainly. I'll stand by that statement. You need justification? That's fine. Imagine, if you will, -- closing your eyes, -- but still reading this! -- your all-time worst-possible scenario. What is it? A mother-in-law's birthday party? A kitchen tile seminar? A vacation to Greenland? You're imagining it? You're there? OK. Now: insert daiquiris into this scene. What do you have now? Where are you? Why, not only is everything "better" but you may be having one of the happiest moments in your adult life.  --Say the police come to your door. They knock loudly. They don't like waiting. They kick the door in. One officer puts their gloved hands under your arms and lifts you roughly out of your couch, where you were idly watching television, or reading this blog, -- "On your feet!" You're being arrested for . . . something. They shove you into the back of their van with the rest of society's scum. They pull into the station and open the doors and haul you into the jail for processing. At the desk the sergeant barks in your face, calling you names and listing your offenses against common decency. You're humiliated and not a little frightened. Another officer enters the room, casually carrying a tray of daiquiris, which he sets down on the desk. Each new prisoner is handed one in an orderly fashion. The sergeant helps himself to one also. So where are you now? Jail? No! You're having a nice Saturday morning with a crew of lovely new friends. All is well. 

Now. These scenarios are presented with the backdrop of a bad day being vastly improved on. But what if you were already having a good day? If you were to add daiquiris to it . . . well . . . could you handle it? 

Bryan and Bob, our Lounge bartenders, invite YOU to come down to the Natchez Grand Hotel and try one of their potent daiquiri mixes. They will make it right in front of you. They will make you smile. They will make your so-so day fantastic. They will make your already-good day unbelievable! 

Summary: We have a daiquiri machine. Come on down here!